Simmering Granules


Our simmer granules are salt-based, they sit in the well of your oil/wax melter and gently release the fragrance. When the scent has evaporated, you can simply tip them out into the general waste and wipe out the oil burner. Less mess than wax! They can also be used as or in a potpourri. Our large pots are a minimum weight of 180g!

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Salt, Parfum, Colourant

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Bonnie Bairn (Baby Powder), Ee Baa Gum (Yorkshire Violet), G'Night G'Bless (Lavender), Giz A Chuddy (Bubblegum), Jammy Bugger (Mixed Berry), One Twenni To Roxy’s (White Musk), Tharra Nutter (Coconut)


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